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141 The Prado

Susan and Paul Dimmick


141 The Prado was built in 1907 in the American Craftsman style, which was the architectural expression of the Arts & Crafts Movement of the late 19th  Century.  The Craftsman vernacular was arguably the most popular early 20th-century residential style in the United States, and entire neighborhoods of Craftsman houses (and its more diminutive stylistic cousin, the Bungalow) are common both in Atlanta and in many other American cities.  Typical design features, as here, include low-pitched roof lines, deeply overhanging eaves, decorative support brackets, generous front porches, stylized window muntins, square and blocky columns and prominently articulated stone and masonry elements. 

Previous owners completely renovated the interior of the house in 1999, and also added a new first floor kitchen and family room, and a master bedroom suite above. Ansley Park resident Jim Winer served as architect for the project, which emphasized flow and spatial unity while remaining deeply respectful of the house’s original spirit. The design reinforces the living room as the central point for the more formal part of the house. The kitchen, breakfast area and family room are in an open “L” configuration with windows and an exterior door providing sunlight across the back of the house. The modern addition incorporates a ceiling grid pattern and horizontal moldings to unify the space. The kitchen cabinets keep to the simplicity of the Craftsman theme but the use of lightly stained wood and frosted glass door panels adds a more modern sensibility.  

Current owners Paul and Susan acquired the house in 2012 and redecorated the interior, including a total renovation of the second floor guest bath and addition of the upper level patio and landscaping.

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