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15 Inman Circle

David Hopkins

Built in 1902, 15 Inman Circle is one of Ansley’s earliest residences.  The home’s substantial Queen Anne style was very popular across Georgia and widely represented in many variations across the United States from the 1880s into the first decade of the 20th century.  Of all the Victorian-era residential styles, Queen Anne is among the most eccentric and exuberant.  Façade massing usually emphasizes a front-facing gable and is otherwise varied and asymmetrical --- and this theme often carries over to the fluid arrangement of interior spaces.  Eaves overhang broadly and larger houses may have round or square tower features.  Typically, as here, a rambling and columned one-storey porch wraps around the front façade. Roof forms can include hipped, gabled and pyramidal --- often all on display atop a single house --- with dormers and subsidiary gables adding additional visual interest to the roof profile.  Also common are a multiplicity of window sizes and shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular.  Queen Anne style was very adaptable to the ready availability of timber for the construction of American homes, and the design versatility of wood fed the exuberant expression of the style. 

David purchased the home in 2013, fulfilling a long-held wish to be in a neighborhood he credits for its “history, architecture and friendly feel.”   The home’s hardwood floors with mahogany inlay are original, as is the stained glass.  A few of David’s renovations and improvements include built-in media console and window seats in the den and the custom dining room bar with Georgia marble. 

David was assisted by Ansley Park resident Sylvia Atkinson in the complete redesign of backyard borders and plant life, garden features such as slate walkways were installed, and the handcrafted arbor and picket fencing were added.  

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