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160 The Prado

 Jeff Adams and  Greg Wolters

160 The Prado was completed in 1909 to a design by the noted early 20th century Atlanta architect Haralson Bleckley.  The Colonial Revival style provides the keynote for Bleckley’s design, featuring exterior symmetry, slender classical columns supporting the porch entablature, and a beautifully detailed Palladian entry door.  The design also incorporates exterior elements prevalent in several of the parallel style vernaculars of its day, such as boxy massing, broadly overhanging upper eaves with extenuated dentils and the one-story front porch extending fully across the facade.  The formula successfully used here by Bleckley enjoyed great popularity in the early 20th century, with the Colonial Revival theme, in particular, expressing a renewed interest in American colonial architecture and its English precedents.  Bleckley confidently handled his chosen architectural elements to create a classically-inspired home that offers a serene and welcoming face to visitors. 

Jeff and Greg have been in the home since 2014, and they were specifically attracted to its “classic style and, of course, location.”  Inside, the house features 10’ ceilings upstairs and downstairs, an original ornate mantel in the living room and pocket doors at the entrance to the library.  Jeff and Greg have recently renovated the kitchen and adjoining den and also reconfigured the master bedroom space to turn what had been a closet into a roomy new master bathroom.  Note that the upstairs den was originally a sleeping porch.  Front and backyard landscaping and hardscaping elements have also been recently redesigned and updated. 

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