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209 Peachtree Circle

Susie and Scott Dorfman 

209 Peachtree Circle was completed in 1910, and is a stately rendition of the ubiquitous American Foursquare style that enjoyed overwhelming nationwide popularity from the 1890s through the 1930s.   The exterior hallmarks of this much-loved style include box-like massing, two full floors with a third level tucked under a hipped roof with prominent central dormer, and a broad and welcoming front porch extending across the entire façade of the first floor.  Porch columns often sit on stone or masonry bases or, as here, are more massively articulated entirely in stone, with horizontally dominant cornice work at both the porch and upper floor level.  Craftsman elements are often evident, as here with the ‘twenty over one’ arrangement of panes in the upper sashes of façade windows.    

Susie and Scott have lived in the home since 2013 and have enjoyed getting to know the details and period charms of this residential gem, while also updating the home for modern living.  Their renovations have included enlarging the kitchen and opening it to the family room (which was itself an earlier addition), rearranging walls between the living and dining rooms, improving interior sight vistas from front of house to back, updating the master suite, and converting an upstairs ‘teen suite’ into two bedrooms and bathrooms.  The Dorfmans’ improvements also include finishing the basement, including the stairway, new basement bathroom and adding a wine cellar. 


The house beautifully displays Susie and Scott’s fine collection of antiques and artwork.   Visitors will also note the lovely garden and pool areas and the adjoining carriage house.  The overall effect is of an oasis of intown calm, and it’s not surprising that Susie says: “We love living in the city!” 

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