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229 Fifteenth Street

Lisa Cassilly & Kenan Loomis

229 Fifteenth Street dates to 1906 and is one of the earliest homes completed in Ansley Park.  The home combines elements of the popular Georgian Cottage vernacular, typically including a central hall, flanking principal rooms and an upper floor tucked under a steep gabled roof, with additional details derived from the Gothic Revival Cottage style, such as the flattened pointed arches spanning the front porch.  These flattened arches are echoed in the window and door surrounds of the first floor and in the woodwork styling of the roof dormer.  There are also features that reference the Queen Anne style, such as the wraparound porch and turret-style window.  The overall effect is picturesque and intimate, and the cottage-like spirit of the design fundamentally hearkens back to the Romantic Era.  

Lisa and Kenan bought the house in 2002.  For Kenan, it was a bit of a homecoming, since he and generations of his family previously lived next door at No. 239.  Kenan’s father recalls colorful details about No. 229 from his own youth, such as the large fishpond that used to sit where the pool is now and a servant’s house that was torn down prior to the 1970s. 

Inside the house, ceilings are 12’ high and even higher in the family room. The two chandeliers in the formal front rooms are original and the dining room chandelier is a transplant from No. 239 next door. Many details of the house have been modified over its 100+ year history, but original features include the central staircase’s wooden balustrade, five coal-burning fireplaces with period mantels, and the Federal style moldings in the front rooms. The Loomises have brought their own signature zeal to the home’s history, adding the loggia at the back of the house, making modifications to the family room, thoroughly updating the kitchen, and adding the poolhouse. Extensive updating to the upstairs bathrooms has also been completed. Lisa says: “It’s a great party house!” 

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