Combined APCA/Security Patrol Membership Dues

Single Family Homes - $350.00 per year 

($275 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

Condos and Apartments

$275.00 per year ($200 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

Security Patrol Guardian - $575.00 per year 

($500 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

Security Patrol Premier Guardian - $1,075.00 per year 

($1,000 of which is allotted to Security Patrol)

The APCA Security Patrol officer on duty can be reached
through our cell phone number 678-896-2309

When you need to report a crime or suspicious person, call 911 immediately and then call the cell phone. If our officer is on patrol, he will respond.

The APCA Security Patrol has been in existence since 1983 and was the second in the city’s in-town neighborhoods to institute a private patrol of off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers paid for by residents.  Only approximately 3% of security patrol monies are spent on operating expenses.  Virtually all security patrol funds go toward compensating the officers, so membership is a direct benefit to the residents of Ansley Park.

Currently we have 10 officers working in the patrol.  We currently have 16 four hour shifts or a total of 64 hours of patrol a week.  Our shifts operate during the day, at night and in the early morning hours.  The times vary so that the perpetrators don’t know our schedule.

Members receive a sign for their yard, which is updated each year, and the officers watch the houses each shift if the member is out of town.   Because of the vigilance of our officers and neighbors, we are the safest in-town neighborhood.


Once a year we host Meet the Officers in McClatchey Park for the children to meet Atlanta Police Department police and learn who the Good Guys are!  We have motorcycle units, police horses, a member of the K-9 unit, police squad cars, balloons and breakfast as part of the event which is held in the fall. 


  • The Ansley Park Security Patrol has a SECURITY ALERT EMAIL to keep residents informed of crimes for residents. If you would like to be added to the e-mail distribution list for these alerts, please join one of our levels of membership and you will automatically be added to our E-News distribution list.
  • If you plan to be out of town, please alert us by using our easy out of town form.  If you are a Security Patrol member, we will monitor your home while you are away.

Meet your Ansley Park Security Patrol

Benefits of APCA Security Patrol Membership

  • A yard sign saying you are a member of the Security Patrol.
  • Additional surveillance of your home when you are out of town. Officers will check your house several times each shift while you are away. No house under our watch has ever been burglarized while the neighbor was out of town.
  • Contact us when you are going out of town online  via the Security Patrol Out of Town Request Form, by phone (678-896-2309), or by sending us one of the Out of Town Request cards that you can request from security@ansleypark.org.
  • Assuring the safest community for you and your children by helping us to provide maximum security coverage.
  • Property values that remain high because you live in a safe area.

Any donation amount is most welcome at any time throughout the year. The donations we received will go directly to providing additional shifts in the neighborhood.  To donate to the Security Patrol please click here.

Ansley Park Civic Association - P.O. Box 77125, Atlanta, GA 30309

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